Our Mission/Goal

Our mission is to create happy customers and and happier world. We all know in this day and age everything is chaotic, and we as a family owned business want to give back to the community. We understand life is very hard sometimes and we want to help give back to the planet, community and to the wonderful people of Canada.

OUR GOAL at Golden Eagle Auction is to give a small portion of every sale to charity/donations, from {MAD-MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING,HOMELESS SHELTERS, DOG SHELTERS,COVID-19 RELIEF,CANCER SOCEITY, FOOD BANKS AND ETC.

A happier world is a health planet.

Our Vision

We envision a society in which all Canadians are committed to giving and participating in the charitable sector, and in which all charities, regardless of size, have the capacity to increase their impact. We envision Canadians helping Canadians. There’s a saying, one hand washes the other. We as Canadians must help our fellow Canadians and get them through hard times.