Payment and Pick Up

When is your payment due?

Payment deadline is mentioned in each auction. Generally, we allow 5 days to pick up and pay for your order. Example, Auction ends Sunday December 6th, we allow payment and pick up until Saturday December 12th. Our hours of operation are XXXX, unless stated otherwise.
What happens if I miss a payment or pick-up?
There are no exemptions to missing a pick-up deadline or failure to pay for an order. If the deadline passes, you forfeit your items and a 15% restocking fee for your order gets applied to your account. You receive a warning for this, and your account is automatically suspended. Once you pay the 15% restocking fee, we will reinstate your account (your items are still forfeited). If any account receives 3 warnings, our system will permanently ban you. If you are caught creating new accounts to bypass the 15% fee, your account will be permanently banned (there are no expectations to this rule).

Is shipping offered?

Yes! We will ship items worldwide via Canada Post tracked shipping or UPS tracked shipping. The shipping fee will be at the expense of the buyer. We will only be able to ship small/medium sized items and nothing fragile will be shipped. Please send us a message after the auction and we will provide you with an estimate for shipping. Items will only be shipped once the item and shipping are paid in full. If the buyer has won multiple items, we will try our best to condense the items into 1 shipment. We charge a $5 convenience fee for shipping. No furniture, home appliances, oversized or fragile items. Buyers will be responsible to load and to transport their items. If needed, we can provide a referral to a truck driver and it will be between the buyer and the driver and the customer to determine the fee and arrange pick-up.

How can I pay?

At our warehouse location, we accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), debit, or e-transfer. The only payment we do not accept is cheque’s. E-transfers must be validated by our management before the items leave our location. Our e-transfer email is If someone else is picking up your order, please let us know via an email before your items are picked up.

Anything else I need to know about payments?

We make our site completely free to use and free to register as a new user. We charge a buyer’s premium of 10% on all our items plus HST. Example, you won 3 items totaling $100, the buyer’s premium will be $10, and HST is $13 for a grand total of $123.00.

Can I change my mind on an item I won?

Unfortunately, all bids are final. If you change your mind you will be responsible to pay the 15% restocking fee. This excludes any warranty or product issues.

Can you hold my items if I am unable to attend on time for pick-up?

Our space is extremely tight as we are constantly receiving new shipments of new items. If you are unable to pick-up you can allow someone to pick up on your behalf (just ensure an email to us stating this before anyone attends for pick-up). Any failure to pick up items by the deadline will result in the 15% restocking fee and the items being forfeited; this can also lead to permanent account suspension.

How to Pick up my Items?

As mentioned above you are welcome to pay in person when you come to pick up your items, or you can send an e-transfer to our email Upon pick-up we will require government issued ID that matches your profile to ensure you are the rightful owner. If government issued ID is not provided you will be unable to claim your items.