Warranty and Returns

What is the Return Policy?

As we are an auction-based business and not a retail store we do not accept

returns. Items can only be returned if it falls under our warranty policy and

must be approved by your management team. Once an item is sold all sales

are final. We encourage our customers to thoroughly check any items during

pick-up at our warehouse.

What is the Warranty Policy?

We offer a full money back warranty policy on all our auction items expect items that are marked “as-is” or “clearance”. Unlike most auctions we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we want our customers to bid with confidence- all items will have a warranty deadline of 14 days from the pick-up date. Items (pending management approval) must be returned in original packaging, the condition it was bought in, and with a receipt. We offer our customers a 14 day return policy; after 14 days there are no expectations regardless of the excuse or reason. We allow our buyers 14 days to inspect their items and it is your responsibly to adhere to the return policy.

If an issue arises where an item you won is misrepresented and/or is missing essential pieces, it falls under our 14 day return policy. As a small family owned liquidation company, we do not accept returns for minor issues (ex. Generic screws, missing manuals, etc.) even if not mentioned on our listing.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply send us an email (we recommend emails so there is a paper trail) and we will try and make it right. Please note there is NO expectations to our 14 day return policy.

Returns Must Follow This Process

Include the original packaging the item was sold in. We will not accept returns if you do not bring the item back in its original packaging.
Be completed before the warranty deadline date.Be approved by our management team.

Are Items Won Covered by Manufacturer’s Warranties?

Please note as a liquidation company we are not authorized resellers of the items we receive in our shipments. Each manufacturer is different and have a different stance on how they stand behind their products. Many will honor the warranty, if you can provide an invoice, whereas others will only confirm if the serial number on the product matches the serial number on the box. Other manufactures will only honor the warranty if the item was purchased from an authorized reseller. We do not have all the answers for every manufacturer. If you are picky regarding a warranty from the manufacturer, we strongly encourage you to do your own research and reach out the manufacturer to confirm before bidding.